Ria – Lightclan Chronicles Community!

We have finally managed to set up a proper but simple Community Website, which we will fill with content through weekly updates.

As you might expect, this community website is still in its infancy and will therefor expand into different categories and extra content in the future. What might interest you right now is the production diary of Book 3, where we give you a glimpse into our process of creating comic books and show you what kind of tools and techniques we use. This diary will also update you on the progress of Ria Book 3.

Creating (and expanding/maintaining) a world like the ‘Ria–The Lightclan Chronicles’ independently isn’t an easy task at all and that is why we need the help of all of you; our friends, supporters and other artists. After the Beta phase, which will end 15th of February, we will open a donation system in order to help us continue the series and make it worthwhile for everyone. This way we can also divulge exclusive sneak peeks of the production.