The Art of Ria – A comprehensive Comic Artbook

The Art of Ria-The Lightclan Chronicles

The Art of Ria is filled to the brim with a profusion of sketches and designs created for the acclaimed comic book series “ Ria- The Lightclan Chronicles“. In addition to providing first-hand insights into the creative process and design choices, the backstories of the characters are revealed and the props and locations of the fantastical world of Tenebra are lovingly presented.

Language: EN
278×227 mm
128 pages

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„Inspired? Inspiring? Cinematic? Brilliant? Beautiful? Amazing? A comic book that looks and feels like an animated movie? It is all these and more. I know this is a comic but I want to see the movie! „
– Paul Bolger

“ Creating a world like „Ria – The Lightclan Chronicles“ has been a daunting process of designing, discarding and redesigning. You need to be passionate and have the tenacity to give birth to your project.“
– Thorsten Kiecker

Foreword: Paul Bolger
Writer: Thorsten Kiecker
Co-Writer: Bart Lindemann
Text Editior: Maureen Polaszek
Publisher: Atelier Kiecker GmbH / Thorsten Kiecker