Book 1

Book 1 – Seed of Hope


The first chapter of the series introduces us to the amazing world of Tenebra with its colorful and diversified inhabitants. As the free clans are threatened and enslaved by dark forces, it’s up to a small group of insurgents around the mysterious off-worlder Uri and his adopted son Loan to take a stand against the demonic usurper Noctus. Will the strange girl in the cocoon, whom Loan recovers in a hidden cave, help them – or lead to their downfall?

“ The future of this world lies in the dark, and the only hope for a brighter future is a fragile light. Ria takes us to the remote and out-of-the-way places of Tenebra. Even as the creator of this series, I am sometimes astonished about the locations we discover on this journey.“
– Thorsten Kiecker

Story and Art Direction: Thorsten Kiecker
Colors: Fabian Schlaga
Script: Fred & Mary Pullin
Story Editor: Justin J. Kiecker
Cover: Thorsten Kiecker & Fabian Schlaga

Where to buy?

Splitter Verlag (German), Donovan Comics (Danish), Silvester Strips (Dutch) and Editions Paquet (French), ComiXology (English Edition Digital ), Thorsten Kiecker (Softcover Directors Edition English)