Thorsten Kiecker is the creative head and art director of RIA – The Lightclan Chronicles, a four-part fantasy graphic novel series about the fulfillment of inevitable fates in a withering world. Together with his son Justin J. Kiecker and many other supporting talented artist at his side he creates this unique world of RIA.

„Sometimes it is the visual development that pushes your story forward but sometimes it’s the other way around. You face stringent demands that make you want to give up, especially when you are criticised by others or think that everyone else writes or draws better then you.

Many people draw really great stuff, or write damn cool stories, but only very few of them become deeply emotionally involved in what they do. Treat every project like your first love: cultivate, foster and cherish it.“

Thorsten Kiecker

Creator and Writer: Thorsten Kiecker
Co-Writer: Justin J. Kiecker
Color Concept: Fabian Schlaga